Grand Rapids gets ready for ArtPrize 2010

Face Paint
Face Paint, photo by TerryJohnston.

Last year ArtPrize in Grand Rapids launched and was the most successful art event in Michigan’s history, attracting 200,000 visitors to see the work of over 1000 artists in every media from fine art to paper airplanes. In 2009, Absolute Michigan was on location for ArtPrize and I have to say that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life to see this city transformed into a giant gallery teeming with active, engaged crowds of people looking this way and that, trying to take in a mind-boggling amount of art.

In 2010 the format will be the same, with artists submitting a single entry at venues all over the city, all vying for the votes of those who attend and the $250,000 1st place prize. Absolute Michigan will be back to cover the event, and I sincerely hope you can make the time to go to Grand Rapids and experience ArtPrize.

Terry took this photo of 2010 ArtPrize artist Jeff Zimmermann at the Kendall College of Art & Design. More in his Jeff Zimmerman slideshow and also stay tuned to Terry’s art prize 2010 slideshow for many more photos as ArtPrize gets rolling!

PS: Be sure to stay tuned to ArtPrize in the Absolute Michigan pool and add photos if you take them. Here’s the ArtPrize 2009 video we did last year from some of the pics we received!

6 thoughts on “Grand Rapids gets ready for ArtPrize 2010

  1. About Jeff Zimmermann – ArtPrize 2010:

    Title: Mural for Grand Rapids
    Location: Kendall College of Art and Design,
    17 Fountain St. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
    Art form: 2-D
    Medium: Acrylic

    Description of work: Create a contemporary mural that presents engaging ideas and dynamic color. I hope to do this on a grand scale, and seek out a large unbroken wall in the city.

    Jeff has gone prospecting in the streets around the area of the work site and take photos of locals to later use as references in the finished artwork. The immediate environment and its inhabitants help bring gestalten to my murals. This is key to the artistic process and, for me, creates legitimacy. It’s nice to ponder things with the community, over time, through a work of art.

    If a mural is successful, the public will share ideas and discoveries they’ve made with others around them, or an idea will stick in their mind. Public art already has an advantage as it’s understood to be “of the community” and therefore it’s perception comes democratically. My artwork is intended to be neutral. I do not wish to provide answers, but rather attempt to spark dialogue.

    Technical details: (7 stories)
    Linear wall space needed: 50 ft.
    Total square feet needed: 200 sq. ft.

    facebook fan page:


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