Crisp Point Lighthouse on Lake Superior

Crisp Point Lighthouse
Crisp Point Lighthouse, photo by Mario.Q

Terry Pepper says that a visit to Crisp Point is a “must” for any lighthouse fans, as it remains one of the most desolate and beautiful locations in all of the Great Lakes. He should know, as he’s the last word in Great Lakes Lighthouses. On his Crisp Point Lighthouse entry he writes:

The Lake Superior coastline between Whitefish Point and Grand Island stands as one of the most beautiful stretches of shoreline in all of the Midwest. With pleasure boaters, tour boats and kayakers making their leisurely way along the coast to soak up the natural beauty. It is difficult to imagine that during the 1800’s this stretch of seemingly bucolic coastline was known to mariners as “The Shipwreck Coast,” with the hulks of innumerable vessels pushed onto the shore by violent storms out of the north, or lost in the pea soup fogs which frequently enveloped the area.

…Congress approved the establishment of four life saving stations between Vermilion and Deer Park on June 20, 1874, one of which was designated as Station Ten, and built at an unnamed point approximately fifteen miles west of Whitefish Point. Although David Grummond was appointed as the first keeper at life saving station 10, it would be Christopher Crisp who served as keeper from 1878 until 1890 who would have the most lasting impact on the area, as Crisp became so well known that the point on which the station was established would become forever known as “Crisp’s Point.”

Much more about the lighthouse at the link above and also from the Crisp Point Historical Society.

Check it out bigger and in Mario’s Great Outdoors slideshow.

Many more Michigan Lighthouses on Michigan in Pictures.

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