Michigan Mushroom Season is here … join a public hunt to know what’s edible!


_MG_9261, photo by jt354.

I’m a year older and a little wiser and pretty sure these are edible honey mushrooms, although I’m not sure about the darker brown bumps. Still a fantastically vital idea to know what you’re picking and eating!!

While morels draw the lion’s share of mushroom coverage, there are a ton of edible mushrooms out in the woods right now. The other day I had some fantastic Oyster mushrooms. Can you eat the mushrooms pictured here? Who knows? One thing is for certain, if you aren’t sure, don’t eat it!!

One way to learn what you can and can’t eat is to join a public mushroom hunt through the Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club. These hunts are held throughout the year and all around the state and offer a chance to tour the woods with a knowledgeable guide.

Check this photo out bigger in James’ Pictured Rocks slideshow!

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