Gabbro Falls

Gabbro Falls

Gabbro Falls, photo by siskokid.

The Go Waterfalling page on Gabbro Falls (located in the western UP near Blackjack Mountain) begins:

Gabbro Falls is on the Black River and is as impressive, if not more impressive, than its more celebrated neighbors downstream along the Black River Scenic Byway. This is a largely wild waterfall with no fences or barriers of any kind. It consists of three separate drops. When the water is high there is a fourth drop that is the height of the other three combined. The main drop falls into a narrow crevice between two large rock formations.

Gabbro Falls is relatively easy to find but there is some confusing information out there. The waterfall is also known as Baker’s Falls, and it is often mistakenly called Garbo Falls (gabbro is a type of rock). There is also a Neepikon Falls upstream, but it is just an unremarkable rapid. (read on for detailed directions)

Jim says that he grew up in this area, but only found out this waterfall existed last week! Check it out background big and in his Da UP slideshow.

Many more Michigan waterfalls on Michigan in Pictures!

One thought on “Gabbro Falls

  1. I’ve been to the top of Gabbro Falls several times but I have not seen the falls from this vantage point. I tried once, but there was a lot of bushwhacking involved and I never got a clear view. After reading the directions, I am convinced that I just didn’t go about it the right way. Very nice falls, beautiful picture.


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