Mr. Ambassador, the Governor is on the line

Good Morning Detroit / Explored

Good Morning Detroit / Explored, photo by . : : v i S H a l : : ..

In Michigan Governor Rick Snyder delivered his first State of the State address, he expressed support for the proposed Detroit River International Crossing bridge saying (in part):

Last year, Canada was the top market for our products. In 2009, Michigan did roughly $4 billion in trade with Canada . We also know that one out of every eight jobs in Detroit is in the export industry. In Grand Rapids, it’s one out of seven…

To satisfy growing demand, we must move forward towards building a bridge, a new bridge from Detroit to Windsor, The Detroit River International River Crossing.

This project isn’t just a Detroit issue. Every farmer and manufacturer in our state can tell you why it’s important to have world trade. This new bridge will create jobs, strengthen our economy, help establish Michigan as a hub for global commerce. So let’s work together so this opportunity does not slip away.

Sounds like a sensible idea to me. The owners of Ambassador Bridge don’t seem to agree

Check this out big as a bridge and see more in Vishal’s Detroit slideshow.

Also see the Ambassador Bridge slideshow!

3 thoughts on “Mr. Ambassador, the Governor is on the line

  1. here’s hoping Snyder pushes this. Matty Maroun is a scumbag slumlord and his company regularly disregards the law and legal rulings. He continues to let MCS rot because he can charge Hollywood to film the ruin scenes there for transformers. He ought to be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.


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