Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena

Detroit's Joe Louis Arena

Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena, photo by chinkon.

I saw a photo of the Joe this morning that made me wonder about the history of the Joe Louis Arena, home of the 11 time Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings. Wikipedia’s entry on the Joe Louis Arena says that “The Joe” was:

Completed in 1979 at a cost of $57 million, Joe Louis Arena is named after boxer and former heavyweight champion Joe Louis, who grew up in Detroit. This makes it one of three remaining NHL arenas without a corporate sponsorship name (the others being Madison Square Garden in New York City and Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on Long Island). It is also the fourth oldest venue in the NHL.

…The Detroit Red Wings played their first game at Joe Louis Arena on December 27, 1979. Later that first season it hosted the 32nd NHL All-Star Game on February 5, 1980, which was played before a then-NHL record crowd of 21,002.

Check this out bigger in Cinkon’s slideshow and also see the Joe Louis Arena slideshow from the Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr!

3 thoughts on “Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena

  1. the seats at the Joe Louis Arena were not clean at all you sat down and the back of the seats in front of you were dirty with food on them and everything that is not called for we pay good money to go there and they do not clean the place it is just nasty and not right why pay good money for things like that when the place is dirty people get there kids tickets for a nice concert they would like it to be clean and worth going to but when the place has food on the floor that should not be like that get off your butts and clean the place up


  2. I would also like to add maybe the board of health or the news should be called in on this it is not right at all for people to have to sit in a seat with that nasty food on it


  3. I also paid good money for food that i could not and will not eat, high dollar for this type of treatment, who hears good about Detroit any more, all you hear about is this type of conditions every where, we are not coming any more to help repair what yous are doing to your selves, we are not the only ones that said the same words, good by to Detroit for good keep your blight and the places you enjoy being filthy , and your war zone that you live in sleep well and enjoy what you did,


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