Five Things You Need to Know about Michigan in Pictures


Untitled, photo by ansonredford

Yesterday was the busiest day ever on Michigan in Pictures thanks to Pure Michigan featuring us on the Facebook. It’s so great that they noticed us and I wanted to post a little note of thanks and also to let new folks know a thing or two about Michigan in Pictures, so (stealing a page from Absolute Michigan) here we go with Five Things You Need to Know about Michigan in Pictures:

  1. Founded in December of 2005 by the same folks who produce Absolute Michigan, Michigan in Pictures has been around for a while, longer even than Pure Michigan! In that time, we’ve posted a photo a day (except for Sunday), and that means we have hundreds of posts – 1654 to be exact – about just about everything, including the Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Wilderness State Park.
  2. In addition to searching for photos, you can also click the categories in the right bar or below every photo to see pictures of everything from Michigan parks to lighthouses to historical photos to wallpaper for your computer background!
  3. A common question is “How do I get my photos on Michigan in Pictures?” You can click here for the long answer, but the short answer is that most of the photos come from the Absolute Michigan pool on the photo site Flickr. If you want a chance to see your photo featured here, add them to that group on Flickr!
  4. One of the things that we feel pretty strongly is that photographers need to be recognized for their work, so we always try and give you something about the photographer and links to other places you can see their work. We always respect copyright and urge you to do the same!
  5. You can also share your photos with us and our readers on the Michigan in Pictures Facebook.

Anyway, thanks for reading Michigan in Pictures and please feel welcome to subscribe to Michigan in Pictures for new posts by email using the form at the top right!

Anson took this photo in September of 2006 – check it out background boomtacular and in his Porcupine Mountains slideshow!

6 thoughts on “Five Things You Need to Know about Michigan in Pictures

  1. My daughter told me about this wonderful site! It is like receiving a gift every day! I am from Duluth, Minnesota, growing up along Lake Superior, and some of these pictures remind me of that time in my life as the scenery is very similar. Makes me a little homesick!


  2. You’re welcome Trish and thank you Mary for the kind words. One of the reasons I started Michigan in Pictures was because I remembered how much I missed Michigan (especially the Great Lakes) when I was living far away!


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