I Can’t Believe He Said That

Can’t Believe He Said That, photo from the Dusty Diary

Over on the Dusty Diary, Laura writes that she would pay good money to know what the remark was is this unknown portrait.

At first I thought this was a wedding portrait. Now I think this is a family. All the guys, with the possible exception of the guy on the left, share a facial resemblance. There is a familial informality in the manner in which two of the men are grasping the chair backs. I’m guessing the person who made the remark in question is the tall guy in the center. Also suspecting that remark in question was a bit naughty. Woman on left is married… to whom? One of these gentlemen?

Also, older woman’s face is probably the single most beautiful thing I’ve seen this past week.

Click through to see the photo bigger and some details shots of their faces and definitely tune into the Dusty Diary for regular gems that Laura finds in the Yspilanti archives!

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