Cherry Blossoms in Leelanau County

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms, photo by leelanau2010.

One of the sites I work on is, and every May I’m always asked “When will the cherry blossoms be out?”

It’s been a slow, cold spring but I’m happy to report that the answer is “Right now!”

Tart Sweet cherry blossoms are out all over and the tart cherry blossoms will be along in a few days. That means this weekend will be the best one for photos.

David took this shot near Northport. Check it out background big, on his map or in his Cherry Blossoms slideshow.

Enjoy more blossoms and more Spring Wallpaper on Michigan in Pictures!

6 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms in Leelanau County

  1. Just purchased three boxes of TC Dried cherries (4 lbs each) and am hoping to locate receipe brochures to include in these gift packages. I have one old folder from The Cherry People, PO Box 30285, Lansing, MI 48909. Can’t find them on the internet.

    Do you know the source of such a brochure? Are you able to direct me to another source? Thank you for helping..

    I’m a former Michigander, MSU Alum, and forever a Spartan fan. Go Green!


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