The Bow and the Marquette Ore Dock

The Bow

The Bow, photo by p.Gordon.

Hunt’s Guide to the UP has this to say about the Lower Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette:

Once rail cars moved onto this massive sandstone dock to unload iron ore into the holds of waiting ore carriers via “pockets” or chutes. After a 1971 strike the Lake Superior & Ishpeming rail line through downtown was no longer used. The newer ore dock by Presque Isle was enough to meet later needs. As part of a plan to redevelop the Lower Harbor and South Rail Yards, the 3,000-foot trestle approaching the docks was torn down, removing a longtime landmark across Front Street and opening up a long waterfront corridor for public use.

via the YouTube you can see a super-sweet video of a stand up paddleboarder making a complete circuit of the ore dock

Check this out big as a freighter and in p Gordon’s Great Lakes Ships slideshow.

More Marquette on Michigan in Pictures.

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