Golden Dunes at Grand Mere State Park

_MG_8420 Golden Dunes Grand Mere State Park

_MG_8420 Golden Dunes Grand Mere State Park, photo by

Sleeping Bear Dunes have been soaking up all the love in the media lately courtesy Good Morning America naming them the most beautiful place in America.

When I saw these photos I thought they were from Sleeping Bear, then I realized they were from Grand Mere State Park near St. Joseph, which the state of Michigan says is characterized by magnificent sand dunes, deep blowouts and one mile of Lake Michigan shoreline. Another page adds:

The magnificent high-relief dunes in Grand Mere were formed approximately 10,000 years ago during the recession of glacial lakes. They are a natural phenomenon not found anywhere else in the world. Located between Lake Michigan and several inland lakes and unique wetlands, the dunes afford an excellent perspective of the surrounding region. The lakes and wetlands provide a unique ecological area that encompasses the full range of open water aquatic to closed forest terrestrial communities. The wetlands and lakes are significant waterfowl and songbirds migrating areas.

More about Lake Michigan coastal dune structures in this really great Sand Dune Inventory.

Check this out background bigtacular and in Charles’ Grand Mere State Park slideshow.

More dunes on Michigan in Pictures.

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