The Final Pitch sets a new record for Papa Grande!

The Final Pitch
The Final Pitch, photo by Rudy Malmquist

Jose Valverde set a Tiger record for saves (view story) on this pitch with his 43d save in 43 chances, sealing a 2-1 victory over the Minnesota Twins. It was the Tigers’ ninth straight victory, and your fun fact for today is that the last time the Tigers won this many games in a row was 1984 … and I think we all know what happened then!

It looks like Detroit is headed for the postseason again. Today the Tigers have American League Division Series tickets on sale – get them at

Rudy was fortunate enough to attend the game. He says that if you look closely, you can see that the ball has passed the batter but isn’t in the catchers glove yet. Check it out bigger and see more shots from the game in his slideshow!

3 thoughts on “The Final Pitch sets a new record for Papa Grande!

  1. Guess I don’t get how he gets ALL the credit for his saves, when it’s not like he pitched no hitters as a closer. There were many games that I watched when he closed, that the games were saved because of his teammates in the outfield.


  2. I guess it’s just how the game works. Closers & relievers don’t get the big recognition when they do well, but they do get a save. It’s sort of the “C” of pitching.


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