Rainboat … aka the State of Michigan

Sorry about the bad link this morning…

Traverse City 9-15-2011, by Mark O’shaughnessy

It was quite the double rainbow last Thursday in the Traverse City area. I was off to the right end of the bow in Suttons Bay but I couldn’t fit it all in in any of my photos.

The boat is the State of  Michigan at the Great Lakes Maritime Academy in Traverse City, a  training ship that allows cadets to put into practice the theory and skill sets taught in the classroom. The vessel is a:

…224-foot former Navy submarine surveillance ship Persistent, which is now T/S State of Michigan. The vessel is relatively new, having been built in 1986 as part of a series of 18 Stalwart-class T-AGOS vessels designed to tow highly sensitive sonar arrays for the tracking of Soviet submarines. As the Soviet threat diminished in the 1990s, the Navy decided to decommission the T-AGOS fleet, and in 1998 Persistent and sister ship Vindicator were transferred to the U.S. Coast Guard for primary use in drug interdiction.

See the specs and check it – and Grand Traverse Bay – out on their webcam!

See this photo bigger on Facebook and see more from Mark on his photography website.

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