The Colors of Fall


Untitled, photo by DavidGuthrie.

As I took a little drive yesterday in Leelanau & Benzie counties in Northern Michigan I realized that almost overnight, Autumn and fall color had arrived.

A good place to start your fall color touring is with the Fall Color section at In addition to color updates, you can get some really nice ideas for Fall Color tours all across the state along with an idea of when color is at its best in each location.

A few more good sites for fall color are the All Things Autumn for West Michigan, the M-22 Color Tour, Exploring the North UP Fall Color and Up North Color Tours for northern Lower Michigan and the UP.

A great place to go for pics of current fall color is the Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr. Just dive right in, click for the latest fall color shots or check out the all-time most popular fall color shots.

You also don’t want to miss fall from Michigan in Pictures, which includes our popular Michigan fall wallpaper series!

Check the photo above out bigger and in David’s Fallscapes slideshow.

Have a link or a Michigan fall photo to share? Post the link below or on the Michigan in Pictures Facebook!

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