An opening at the Argus Museum

Argus Factory
Argus Factory, photo by Voxphoto

The Argus Museum has an exhibition opening Friday, October 21st entitled Sunday Afternoon on the Porch: Reflections of a Small Town in Iowa, 1939-1942, photographs by Everett W. Kuntz. The exhibition runs from October 21st through November 18th, 2011. However, as the exhibit really has nothing at all to do with Michigan, and as this blog is called Michigan in Pictures, we’ll press on and tell you that the museum is located on the second floor of the Argus l building in Ann Arbor, one of the buildings that housed the Argus Camera Co.

Several years ago, Michigan in Pictures had a piece telling the story of the Argus Camera Company, whose cameras had a big role in the explosion in consumer photography. The post has become an internet phenom of sorts, gathering nearly 100 comments from folks buying, selling or wondering about Argus cameras. The article said little, however, about the museum itself. Fortunately, the email that the museum sent me shares a bit more, adding that:

Also on display will be artifacts from the Argus Museum collections. Products manufactured by the Argus Camera Company, including rare objects and prototypes, are featured, as well as military items and employees’ personal effects. Many of the artifacts on display were manufactured in the same building which now houses the Museum.

Former Argus employees and their families will be invited to the opening, giving those interested a chance to speak with them. Argus-related presentations are planned for Saturday, October 22nd, with an afternoon field trip to the Yankee Air Museum which will include a private tour and photography opportunities. (A $2.50 admission fee per person will be charged.) The Argus Museum Archives will open for research on Sunday, October 23rd. Reservations are required for Saturday and Sunday events. If you are interested in giving a presentation (it can be an informal one), please contact Cheryl Chidester…

So it sounds like all you Argus & old camera fans out there will want to check this weekend out. Cheryl is the museum curator and her number is 734-759-0770 (or email) – contact her for questions about the weekend and reservations for Saturday & Sunday.

Ross took this shot of the former Argus camera factory with an Argus 75 pinhole conversion. See it bigger and see more in his arghole slideshow.

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