Fall, from the farm or at 440 miles


Fall, photo by southarmstudio

mLive tipped us off that NOAA has a MODIS high-res satellite image showing Michigan’s fall foliage throughout northern Michigan as taken by the high-resolution satellite. Click here for the photo which shows a lot of oranges and reds across the western U.P. and increasingly in northern lower Michigan. You can check the photo out that that link or if it’s gone, here’s a copy (1.6 MB).

They also include a link to the Foilage Network’s report for the upper Midwest.

Check it out bigger and in Ron’s Earthscapes slideshow.

5 thoughts on “Fall, from the farm or at 440 miles

  1. Is it too much to ask for proofreading before text is published?

    Can’t say I’m a big fan of the “new” format for the Michigan in Pictures daily email pics. I much preferred the old format that appeared to be more horizontally oriented and easier to view and read.


  2. Sorry Kathe – just got a tooth extracted, but in any case, it’s not the easiest thing to proofread your own writing. I’ll try and do better.

    In terms of the email, I don’t have any control of that. The one I get seems to be horizontal still.


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