Owls in the Attic

Attic, Clare Michigan.

Attic, Clare Michigan. , photo by matthew_michalek.

I posted this photo to the Michigan in Pictures Facebook yesterday with the comment “It’s not all sunsets and lighthouses. ;)” A reader thought it a little strange and wondered “why not show a live one?”

That’s a good question for which I have a few answers.

One is that Michigan in Pictures has a number of posts about owls including a snowy owl on the roof, Northern Saw Whet Owl (and an owl house you can build for one), the Evening Owl, Marsh Owl, Short-eared owl and a live version of this owl, the Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) aka tiger owl or cat owl.

A second reason is that while I am a huge fan of Pure Michigan and the gorgeous photography they share, I’m also a big fan of the strange and wonderful bits of history you can find all over the state in our quirky little museums, second hand stores, attics, basements and (of course) garage sales. When I see a photo like this I wonder how the owl got there. Was it purchased at the Call of the Wild museum in Gaylord or did it simply die of old age?

The final reason is that the experience of Michigan and Michigan in Pictures is (for me at least) one of discovery. I delight in odd finds like the Big Boy Graveyard, old slumpy in Detroit, Lake Michigan’s “Stonehenge” and the crazy things that I find in the Library of Congress and that people like the folks at FOUND magazine in Ann Arbor and daveraoul find in the corners of reality that we often miss.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments…

Check this out on black and in Matt’s slideshow.

2 thoughts on “Owls in the Attic

  1. I don’t know if this comment is in the right place or not. I wanted to comment on Owl in the attic. Last winter we had a screech owl living in our barn that was living on the mice that make our barn their home. My husband built an owl nesting box for him to hide in. We saw him looking at it but we don’t know if he (or she?) ever went in it.When the mice were eradicated and breedng season was near ,in late winter, he disappeared. We took pictures of him and enjoyed his company while he cleared the mice from the barn.


  2. There’s a lot in Michigan beside the beautiful scenes. Some of the best things are hidden or tucked away someplace, just waiting to be discovered.


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