Under the Gaze of an Owl

November 26, 2011

Gaze 3903-11

Gaze 3903-11, photo by StacyN – MichiganMoments

This month has been pretty owl heavy. More about the Snowy Owl from November 2008 on Michigan in Pictures.

Stacy says that this was her first wild snowy owl sighting. She spent all afternoon watching it and is in LOVE. See it bigger and see all her shots from this encounter in her The Visitor slideshow.

9 Responses to “Under the Gaze of an Owl”

  1. BisonWoman Says:

    What a striking look!


  2. Deborah Chappa Says:

    Magical! You’ve done a beautiful job ensuring the owl felt safe enough to stay in place.


  3. Jackie Says:

    So beautiful.


  4. fivecats Says:

    A very handsome owl.


  5. Dounia Says:

    Wow, that’s such a beautiful owl. Fantastic photo – thanks for sharing!


  6. snow Says:

    Very beautiful photo….great capture


  7. Mike Says:

    Amazing photo! Truly wonderful.


  8. StacyN Says:

    Thank you so much everyone. It took me about 40 minutes to first locate the bird, and then I spent several hours using my car as a “blind” to observe it from a safe distance. I used a 500mm lens to obtain the range needed to keep the bird relaxed. After some time, it settled down and would occasionally even close its eyes to rest! It was fantastic way to spend an afternoon.


  9. […] even talk with photographer Stacy Niedzwiecki about her snowy owl photos, which we featured on Michigan in Pictures a few months […]


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