Set your backgrounds for spring

March 12, 2012

Macro Crocus

Macro Crocus, photo by MightyBoyBrian.

Brian shot this on yesterday’s toasty-warm and not very March-like Sunday and writes:

Go ahead, set your background. I declare that it’s spring. The flowers think so and I do too.

I was slithering around on the ground with my new macro lens (EF format vs EF-S with canon full-frame) to get up in close with this patch of crocuses.

Here’s a tip: instead of a typical green or brown backgound, position yourself so that other flowers are in the background of the scene giving their color to the awesomeness.

Good advice, Brian, and with highs predicted for Wednesday in the SEVENTIES around Michigan, you might need to find us a strawberry so we can go directly to summer…

Check his photo out background big or settle back for his bokeh slideshow.

2 Responses to “Set your backgrounds for spring”

  1. That is so dreamy. I love it!!


  2. […] Three posts that I really liked this year that I couldn’t figure out how to weave in were Nawadaha Falls and the Sweet Singer of Hiawatha, the Detroit Edison Illuminating Co. high line crew and Set Your Backgrounds for Spring. […]


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