Into the Maelstrom: Winter Surfing in Frankfort

March 14, 2012

Frankfort Winter Surfing

Frankfort Winter Surfing, photo by lomeranger.

Sure, you’re crazy. But are you crazy enough for 17′ waves and 40 degree water?

See this photo from Frankfort bigger and purchase if you want at Jason’s Zenfolio.

More Michigan surfing on Michigan in Pictures!

5 Responses to “Into the Maelstrom: Winter Surfing in Frankfort”

  1. Reblogged this on The Three R's Blog and commented:
    One more Friday Fun item today – I nearly forgot about this great picture from this past Wednesday on the blog “Michigan in Pictures”. This is taken at the pier in Frankfort, MI, where I did some work last Winter. It may be in the 70’s now but it was wild on Lake Michigan up there at that time. The huge waves that the Fall and Spring bring cause such surfers to go crazy – literally! Not for me, but it sure makes a great picture. Enjoy.


  2. SW Says:

    Are you crazy enough to put rescuers in that sort of danger when you hit the seawall? That’s just irresponsible…


  3. DH Says:

    Love the pic,,,,,,,,,,,,


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