North Windows

North Windows, photo by Tim Trombley

One of my favorite web sites is the Great Lakes Echo, a fantastic news source for Michigan and the Great Lakes. Recently they asked Great Lakes photographers to send their favorite and toughest Great Lakes shots, and UP photographer Tim Trombley responded with this one, explaining:

This cave was only accessible by kayak. I had to land way down the shoreline and got wet feet making my way inside. Once there, the shot required me to crouch and back into the sandstone recesses allowing sand to drop down my collar. Scrunched with wet knees, I panned the camera for three shots that were later merged into this panorama. The clarity of Lake Superior and the reflection of the blue sky give this image a “tropical” look.

Click through for another great shot from Tim of a Lake Superior iceberg.

You have to check this photo out bigger – it’s hard to fully appreciate if you don’t! Be sure to view his photo gallery at for many more works and ordering. You can also call Tim at (906)439-1551 or email.

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