Mystery Monday: Who Was R.S. Chamberlin?


Mystery!, photo by I am Jacques Strappe.

Yesterday Marjorie went hiking on a mountain near Marquette where she came across this carving that reads R.S. Chamberlin 10 20 1872. She writes:

Near the highest point of the mountain was a small outcrop of rock. This was carved into it — though it had been hidden by grass and pine needles until one in our party found it by chance and cleared it all away.

Check it out bigger, see more photos from the day in her slideshow and if you have ideas as to the identity of R.S. Chamberlin, post them here!

PS: Lots more (including a great profile) from Marjorie on Michigan in Pictures!

4 thoughts on “Mystery Monday: Who Was R.S. Chamberlin?

  1. The date 1872 would be as significant as the name. A historian friend says the Lewis Cass(the then State Governor) party with H.R.Schoolcraft (Indian researcher) leading came north in 1820 but the surveyors(like Burt)active thru 1830-45 would be less likely to mark it so specifically,it’s more like a tourist party.So the theory of the Illinois fellow maybe more accurate.


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