At the Corner: 100 Years at Tiger Stadium

at the corner

at the corner, photo by 1ManWithACamera

“It was the most famous address in Michigan. Not the number, but everyone knows the location. The corner of Michigan and Trumbull was a connection for everyone all over Michigan to the city of Detroit”
~Charley Marcuse, former hot dog vendor at Tiger Stadium

The above is a quotation from a heartbreaking feature on the 100th anniversary of Tiger Stadium that we are linking to today from 100 years at Tiger Stadium on Absolute Michigan. It’s chock full of great links, photos and a video narrated by Jeff Daniels and featuring Tiger greats Al Kaline, George Kell and Ernie Harwell.

The feature was especially heartbreaking for me as I was as guilty as most of the rest of the media that let this historic milestone pass unmarked. Don’t get me wrong – I think Comerica Park is a fantastic place to play baseball and a fitting home for the Tigers. To me, the shame lies in the manner in which one of the finest ballparks in all of baseball was cast aside by a city that seemed more interested in squeezing one last dime from the stadium at Michigan & Trumbull than celebrating and honoring her rich legacy.

Check this out bigger and in Larry’s great Detroit Tigers and their ballparks slideshow.

Much more on Tiger Stadium and the Detroit Tigers at Michigan in Pictures.

One thought on “At the Corner: 100 Years at Tiger Stadium

  1. Reblogged this on The Three R's Blog and commented:
    And we would be remiss in our duty if we did not include a baseball item in our “Friday Fun” this week. A week ago today, April 20, 2012, was the 100th anniversary of the opening of Tiger Stadium at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull in Detroit. I remember the “corner” well, as my father took me and my siblings here many times to see Tiger games when we were growing up, including during their championship year in 1968 (I was 10 years old and in awe.). I still have an autographed baseball of all the team members of that year – it’s a treasure. Below is part of a feature that Yahoo Sports did on the anniversary, largely unnoticed, but certainly worth remembering. Be sure to visit the “Absolute Michigan” site (via link here) – a lot more links and a neat video.
    Tiger Stadium opened on the same day as Fenway Park – April 20, 1912. It was 100 years ago this weekend. Ty Cobb scored the first run by stealing home. From that day until 1999, this very spot rumbled with din and greatness. Pretty much every legend that played in Fenway in the 20th century also played here. Lou Gehrig sat himself down for the first time in 2,130 games here, ending his incredible ironman streak. Babe Ruth hit his 700th home run here. Reggie Jackson hit one into the right field light tower here during the ’71 All-Star game. The Tigers won World Series titles here in 1968 and again in 1984, with Kirk Gibson launching a late-inning home run off Goose Gossage that no Tigers fan alive to see it will ever forget. Fair to say this was the most exciting place in the history of Michigan.

    And now there’s hardly a trace.


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