Morning on Pearl Lake


DSC_5813, photo by jsorbieus

Today is the opening day of walleye season in Michigan. I couldn’t find a good walleye photo, but even though Pearl Lake isn’t on the list of top walleye lakes in Michigan, I thought it captured the mood perfectly! Much more at Michigan Walleye on Absolute Michigan.

Check this out background bigtacular and in Jim’s My Most Interesting Photos slideshow.

More fish & fishing on Michigan in Pictures.

6 thoughts on “Morning on Pearl Lake

      1. Guess im spoiled, I feel the world revolves around the Detroit River and Erie….Happy fishing I will be braving the Silvers this weekend hope I can get a few Walleye on the line. I was out on Friday and we stopped counting Silvers at 50 because it became annoying, were gut shotting them snagging them, probably would have lost twice the amount of Jiggs if they went to the bottom of Trenton, but they hit before I even set the slack out of the line, it was crazy…..


  1. Is this the Pearl Lake near T.City? What a wonderful shot! Wish I was there sitting with a cup of coffee,,,,,,,,,,”ENJOYING” Thank you for the return of the memories.


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