Bullfrog, photo by d charvat

Over on Absolute Michigan this morning we reported that we were taking the summer off as we re-assess things.

I apparently decided to go on vacation as well. Since that photo was such a great one, I decide to share it here!

FYI, despite the name, this is a Northern Green Frog. The Michigan Herps page on Frogs & Toads explains:

Green Frogs are the most common species of frog in Michigan. They are large and are usually brown or green in color, with a very bright green face. However, some individuals may be bronze in color instead of brown. Often confused with the Bullfrog, Green Frogs have a fold of skin running from their eardrum to their back.

Check Diane’s photo out background big and in her Frogs slideshow.

* Don’t worry, Michigan in Pictures will still be published!

4 thoughts on “Chillin’

    1. No worries at all Diane! I had mis-identified all my life until I learned that … and I would catch and release hundreds of them every summer!!


  1. This is a great website. As a nature photographer, I really appreciate your daily posts. The photographic work of those whose work is posted is excellent. I would be very disappointed if your daily post was not to be seen. Please continue with Michigan in Pictures.


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