Sundews!, photo by Sundews! by I am Jacques Strappe

English sundew (Drosera anglica) is also known as Great sundew. This sundew guide from MSU says that there are 4 species of sundew in Michigan.

Similar to Sarracenia purpurea (pitcher-plant) and Pinguicula vulgaris (butterwort), sundews are carnivorous plants, capturing insects (primarily) with their nectar-like, mucilaginous secretions to supplement nutrients, such as nitrogen, that are otherwise in low availability in their habitats. Sundew leaves curl around their insect prey, when captured, to digest it.

Sundew are all species of special concern in Michigan so look but don’t dig them! Wikipedia’s Drosera anglica entry has more information including a cool photo of a sundew eating some damselflies.

See Jorie’s photo bigger and in her Native Flora slideshow.

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