July 10, 1887 was a Grand day

Grand Hotel Pano (3 photo pano)

Grand Hotel Pano (3 photo pano), photo by raddad!

Today is the 125th birthday of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island which opened on July 10, 1887. Wikipedia’s Grand Hotel (Mackinac Island) entry explains:

In 1886, the Michigan Central Railroad, Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad, and Detroit and Cleveland Steamship Navigation Company formed the Mackinac Island Hotel Company. The group purchased the land on which the hotel was built and construction began, based upon the design by Detroit architects Mason and Rice. When it opened the following year, the hotel was advertised to Chicago, Erie, Montreal and Detroit residents as a summer retreat for vacationers who arrived by lake steamer and by rail from across the continent. At its opening, nightly rates at the hotel ranged from US$3 to US$5 a night.

Grand Hotel’s front porch is purportedly the longest in the world at some 660 feet (200 m) in length, overlooking a vast Tea Garden and the resort-scale Esther Williams swimming pool.

Also see the History photo gallery from The Grand Hotel and a cool old travelogue on Mackinac Island.

Be sure to check Randy’s great panorama out bigger and in his Mackinac Island slideshow.

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