George’s Eagle Harbor Web

November 11 2008 Walkabout, photo by George Hite

“To Serve”, that’s the whole idea. Other Web sites set forth the natural, cultural and historic wonders of this special place for all to see. This site is designed to respond to more basic needs of those who live here — like what’s going on and, more importantly, the desire we all have for the delight and support of “neighborhood”.
~George Hite, November 1996

Last November 1, George Hite of Eagle Harbor passed away at his home at the age of 80. His memorial service is planned forJuly 28, 2012 and I thought it would be good to post one of his photos to remember one of the early pioneers of blogging in Michigan.

I first became aware of George’s Eagle Harbor Web in 1997 when looking for information about Eagle Harbor and the Keweenaw Peninsula. Over the years and along with many others, I followed life in the small town of Eagle Harbor through his photos and updates about longtime residents, new arrivals and the changing seasons. I hope you get a chance to take a moment to shuffle through his photos and writing and reflect upon a man who spent a lot of his life in service to his neighbors.

Farewell George.

2 thoughts on “George’s Eagle Harbor Web

  1. What a beautiful picture. My ex-husband’s great great grandfather was a lighthouse keeper at Eagle Harbor following his service in the Civil War. His name was Robert Bird and a few years later his brother became the keeper at Eagle Harbor. I always wanted to visit that lighthouse but never had the chance. I’m glad for the chance to see this picture.


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