Blue Moon: Apollo 15 and the University of Michigan

Apollo 15: Irwin Scoops up Soil

Apollo 15: Irwin Scoops up Soil, photo by NASA on The Commons

Over on Absolute Michigan we have a feature on the all-UM crew of the Apollo 15 that includes a great video. You can see a lot more images from the Apollo 15 mission from NASA. Here’s their caption for this photo:

This frame from Dave’s Station 8 pan shows Jim standing wide-legged as he digs the partially-completed trench in front of him. He sticks the scoop into the wall opposite where he is standing and propels the scoop-load of regolith back between his legs. The narrow fan of throwback can be seen behind him and, indeed, there seems to be some material still in motion at the far end of the throwback pattern just above the two fiducials at mid-thigh height. Mt. Hadley (14,765 feet tall) is in the background.

Check it out big as the moon and in NASA’s Happy Moon Day! slideshow.

More University of Michigan on Michigan in Pictures.

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