Sunflower Season in Saline

Sunflower Field

Sunflower Field, photo by C E Andersen

August is sunflower season in Michigan, and this shot is a beaut!

Check it out background bigtacular and in Chuck’s Sunflowers slideshow.

More great Michigan wallpaper on Michigan in Pictures!

9 thoughts on “Sunflower Season in Saline

  1. Hi,just went to that sunflower field in Saline,MI – address : 11792 Michigan Avenue, last Saturday(8.15.15)…it was soooo amazing!


    1. Is this sunflower field currently in bloom? I know you posted this last year, I am traveling up from Florida and am trying to find a sunflower field to visit.


  2. Looking for a sunflower field near Fenton… Any suggestions – there is one in Howell, but they are the shorter variety this year. Looking for tall ones 36″ and up. Any suggestions would be great! thanks!


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