Lights in the Night over Grand Rapids

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 30, 2012: This entry was in the ArtPrize Top Ten entries announced today. 

Lights in the Night

Lights in the Night, photo by Robby Ryke

Last night the skies of Grand Rapids lit up with 20,000 fire lanterns for the Lights the Night entry in ArtPrize 2012 (ArtPrize and Facebook pages). From everything I can find, it looks to have been an incredible spectacle.

View this on black and definitely (definitely) check out Robby’s HD video from Light the Night which is really tempting me to lift my “no videos” policy on Michigan in Pictures.

You can also see a video from high above of the fire lantern launch at mLive. See more photos from StacyBetsyLouWhoJackLisaDebbieflickaway, and Kevin and please add links to ones you took or found in the comments!

One thought on “Lights in the Night over Grand Rapids

  1. Reblogged this on The Three R's Blog and commented:
    CJT – I simply have to re-post this photo from last night’s Grand Rapid’s special ArtPrize entry! Our youngest son was present for it and texted us with a picture too. Be sure to catch the video via the link in the original post. We are planning to go with friends tonight for our annual ArtPrize “culture enhancement” walk – looks to be another beautiful September day in West Michigan. Enjoy your Saturday!


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