Fall is hanging on


Untitled, photo by Brooke Pennington

Although an early leaf drop has been forecast, it seems from the photos in the Absolute Michigan pool that pockets of fall color are still to be found.

Check this out on black and see more in Brooke’s bokeh slideshow.

More bokeh on Michigan in Pictures including Ross’s excellent photo and explanation of what bokeh is and isn’t.

2 thoughts on “Fall is hanging on

  1. The photo today on Michigan In Pictures reminded me of a poem I was inspired to write a few years ago upon seeing a leaf tenaciously clinging in the early weeks of Winter. I wrote:

    Autumn’s Last Leaf

    Before the biting arctic wind
    autumn’s last leaf helplessly clings.
    Other leaves, less tenacious
    lie wet and matted
    beneath the season’s first snowfall.

    Nothing shows of summer’s pointillistic canvas
    save the occasional fir tree and bramble.
    Winter’s pen and ink simplicity waxes gray and white
    to show the landscape’s ebb and flow
    in chiaroscuro light.

    In the cold of winter the luckless suffer
    the impatient perish,
    yet here and there
    the tracks of bird and rabbit
    show how life goes on.

    If autumn’s last leaf were to weather wind and ice
    and snow and feel again the tepid balm of April-spring,
    it would surely come to naught
    for nothing dead can cling
    before the swelling of a tender bud.

    © 2008 James Rasmusson


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