Setting an Example at the Cadillac Tower

Setting An Example

Setting An Example, photo by DetroitDerek Photography

Wikipedia says that the Cadillac Tower was the first building outside New York City and Chicago to have 40 floors with a spire height of 438 ft making it Detroit’s 12th tallest building. It’s a Beaux Arts skyscraper that was designed by the architectural firm of Bonnah & Chaffee and built in 1927 as Barlum Tower.

The building is best known, however, for its hanging murals. From 1994 to 2000, one side of the building featured a 14-story Detroit Lions star Barry Sanders, which was replaced with one of Red Wings star Steve Yzerman. Currently the building features an ad for the Fidelity investments.

Also see the Cadillac Tower website and have a look at the proposed Cadillac Centre for this location.

Check this out bigger and see more in Derek’s Sunset and Sky Series slideshow.

More Michigan architecture on Michigan in Pictures.

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