Election Day: Sometimes the light shines on you

Rainstorm and Sunlight on Pictured Rocks

Rainstorm and Sunlight on Pictured Rocks, photo by ShelNf

I wondered a lot about what to post on Election Day, but when I saw this photo, I knew I didn’t have to look any more.

In the end, I suspect it doesn’t matter as much about what your vote is as the simple fact that you do vote. A lot of sacrifices have been made to give you this moment when you can make some statements about the future you want, and there’s way to much to be done to sit on the sidelines. Here’s an easy way to see your ballot courtesy of Absolute Michigan.

That light is shining today. Does it shine for you?

ShelNf writes that while walking out on Miner’s Beach in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on a rainy day, he noticed a patch of sunlight that had broken through the clouds, illuminating part of the cliff face. Check this photo out on black and see more in his really awesome slideshow.

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