Lines a loser in Election 2012

Huge Lines in Michigan, photo via

Another election is in the books, and you can see complete Michigan results on the Secretary of State website.  In Confusion and congestion rule Election Day, featured the photo above and writes that problems, confusion and frustration early on had some exiting without casting ballots in Metro Detroit. The Detroit News adds that problems weren’t limited to Detroit, with wait times of 2+ hours reported in Ferndale, Ann Arbor and other locations.

Regardless of what candidate won, I hope that we can all agree that lines and other barriers to casting a legitimate vote are something we should strive to overcome before the next major election.

Here’s some great photos of voting across Michigan from Michigan Radio.

One thought on “Lines a loser in Election 2012

  1. The mail in ballots are no longer just for absentees in the state of Florida. There was no reason for anyone to wait in line-they just have to request a mail in ballot AND follow directions. The biggest problem identified here with the mail ins was that people “forgot” to print and sign their name on the official envelope for mailing in their ballot. And as for the long lines: when interviewed by the media here, people exiting the poles admitted they had not even read the amendments, nor did they use the sample ballot to check their preferences before entering the *booth. *In order for everyone to vote we need to address it responsibly. The mail in ballots allow us to do it on our own time. And if you want the experience of going to a poll-use the sample ballot. Karen Brennan


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