Chestnut season

Scoring the Chestnuts

Scoring the Chestnuts, photo by DarrylW4

Michigan in Pictures had a great feature on chestnuts last year that has a lot of information on this traditional Thanksgiving food.

With 54 farms encompassing 813 acres, Michigan ranks first in the nation in chestnut plantings. As you plan your Thanksgiving dinner, consider Michigan chestnuts and other local products. Over on Absolute Michigan we have a feature that can help you do just that – make it a Michigan Thanksgiving.

If you want to put chestnuts on your holiday menu, MyNorth has a recipe for a Michigan Chestnut Pie. Or, if you prefer your chestnuts in liquid form, how about a Jolly Pumpkin Fuego del Otono (Autumn Fire)? Every year Jolly Pumpkin makes a limited amount of this seasonal Belgian ale brewed with chestnuts and spices and it’s delicious!

Check this out on black and see more in Darryl’s slideshow.

More food on Michigan in Pictures.

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