Andy’s Trees … and Michigan Bigfoot


Andy’s Trees, photo by swatzo

I’m guessing these trees aren’t for me, but I still love them. Another thing that I’ve loved since I was a kid was the search for Bigfoot. mLive reports that last April, the team of Bigfoot researchers from Discovery Channel’s Finding Bigfoot show came to Michigan:

After their first search yielded no sightings or additional evidence, BFRO held a town hall meeting in Houghton Lake to solicit additional leads from local residents. A show of hands revealed that a large group of those gathered had seen what they thought was a Bigfoot creature. One woman had made recordings of what she claimed could be a sasquatch which prompted Moneymaker to investigate further.

During the second night of searching, BFRO was joined by Mike Berg, a Michigan Bigfoot tracker. Berg partnered with Barackman to explore one tract of forest while Moneymaker camped out in a tree stand on the property of the woman who had made the sound recordings. While both locations yielded sounds that were thought to be from a Big Foot creature, no visual evidence was obtained.

Meanwhile, Holland and Fay were investigating woods where a local boy reported a sasquatch sighting. The two attempted to communicate with the creature by making different types of calls at varying pitches. After hearing several wood knocks after the calls, Bobo clapped back, which was followed by more of the wood knocks. The knocks were followed by movement on the road, but their chase also failed to provide a definitive picture of sasquatch.

Watch a clip at the Finding Bigfoot website and also on YouTube. The episode airs this Saturday at 7 PM and other times this week on Discovery. More about Bigfoot in Michigan at the Michigan Bigfoot Information Center.

Check this out on black and see more in Steve’s slideshow.

More trees on Michigan in Pictures.

4 thoughts on “Andy’s Trees … and Michigan Bigfoot

  1. Bob from the Michigan Bigfoot Information Center sent this comment:

    I get at least one new Mich bigfoot report per month, on average, over the course of a year.

    Photos of a bigfoot are much harder to find than those of a cougar, but the cougar situation does show that a large animal
    can live in the state of Mich. and remain mostly undetected.


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