Superior Light Show

Superior Light Show_1283

Superior Light Show_1283, photo by Mike Hainstock

Light shows in the UP are typically of the Northern Lights variety, but Mike has captured a stunning view that I think is the lights of Baraga as seen from L’Anse though  it could be the other way around. Update – Mike comments below that it is L’Anse from Baraga. 

In any case, it’s awesome. Be sure to check this out on black and see more in Mike’s slideshow.

PS: Nice matching shot for Thursday’s photo too!

4 thoughts on “Superior Light Show

  1. Hi Susan. Some of the photos I post are made available for download by the photographer and some aren’t. When they are, I usually give a link to see them “background bigtacular” or something like that. This is one of the ones that isn’t, but you can find out more about any of the photographer’s by clicking their name under the photo. Mike has his email there and you could ask him!


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