Ice Arch: Cold grips Michigan

Ice Arch

Ice Arch by adonyvan, photo by adonyvan

Got to love what a lake like Superior can carve out of ice.

Right now the coldest air of the last 4 years has settled in across Michigan. Metro Detroit will see wind chills below zero today, Bay City/Saginaw and the surrounding area faces single digit temps and wind chills 15-20 degrees below zero, and it’s just 1 degree right now in Traverse City with double digit wind chills. A scan of Michigan temps shows Ironwood leading the way at a frigid -18 degrees with wind chills up to -26 expected. Bundle up!!

Here’s a funny chart about how Michiganders deal with cold via Absolute Michigan!

View on black and if you want a treat, kick back and watch Jiqing Fan’s Houghton & UP MI slideshow.

More cold on Michigan in Pictures!

6 thoughts on “Ice Arch: Cold grips Michigan

  1. Was there a purpose to putting the obnoxious photo in about the middle??? I question the integrity of the artist in including thie picture.


    1. I assume you are talking about the graffiti he photographed. I know I take pictures of graffiti on occasion and sometimes don’t pay attention to what the words. He’s been featured here numerous times and is a very talented photographer who really loves Michigan.


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