Roller Coaster Winter

unretouched foggy morning

unretouched foggy morning, photo by Marty Hogan

Yesterday featured some of the worst fog I’ve seen in years as temps wandered up near the 60 degree mark and melted a good deal of our snow. It’s still fairly warm around the state but today temps will drop back into the teens by tomorrow. Can you say roller coaster?

Speaking of roller coasters, the Detroit News reports that 2012 was a year of weather extremes:

When it comes to weather, 2012 was one for the record books as at least 160 extreme weather records were set in Michigan, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Last year’s statewide weather broke records across the spectrum including: 139 new heat records in 44 counties, 18 rainfall records in 14 counties and three snow records in three counties.

Michigan’s weather seems to be paralleling the national trend of record breaking heat, rain and snow. Across the country, the Defense Council — an environmental action group — tallied 3,527 monthly extreme weather events, raising the bar over the 3,251 set in 2011, which was the most ever set in a single year since monthly weather was recorded in all locations in 1980.

The severe heat is also held responsible for several extreme weather events statewide. Michigan witnessed four large wildfires and four abnormally early tornadoes, including the EF-3 twister that devastated Dexter, which occurred in mid-March.

That tornado was the 2nd earliest since we started measuring that 60 years ago. Read on for more.

Marty took this shot of the lethal fog on Whites Bridge Road in Ionia County. See it background bigtacular and see more in his Ionia County slideshow.

More fog & mist on Michigan in Pictures.

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