Tulip Time in Holland

Yellow Tulips
Yellow Tulips, photo by srab44_2000

Holland’s annual celebration of Dutch heritage and culture, the Tulip Time Festival, starts Friday May 4th and runs through May 11th. While last year’s crazy March heatwave had tulips blooming in mid-April, tulips have been in the slow lane in 2013 due to a cool spring. The good news according to meteorologist Bill Steffen is that a well-timed warmup should have tulips in near perfect bloom this year.

Check this photo out background bigtacular and see more in E. Benson’s Tulip Time Festival 05/2009 slideshow.

More tulips and more Holland on Michigan in Pictures.

One thought on “Tulip Time in Holland

  1. Reblogged this on The Three R's Blog and commented:
    Ah, yes, Spring in West Michigan! Hard to beat, now that we finally have some drier conditions and warmth. It has been a beautiful week, as God works His wonders in creation. The trees are popping their leaves and the Spring flowers are coming out of their winter hybernation. My garden is started and yard work is in full swing. I love this time of year! And now May is here, which means the annual Holland Tulip festival is set to begin – tomorrow actually. This favorite blog of mine had this post yesterday, and it is worthy of a re-post. So enjoy, and by all means take in the festival. My wife and I always do. Mostly for the tulips. Partly for the elephant ears :)


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