Cherry Blossom Season all across Michigan

Cherry Blossoms II

Cherry Blossoms II, photo by leelanau2010

A run of warm weather has the cherry trees in Michigan ready to blossom. Due to their pent up demand to bloom, we should see blossoms all across the state this weekend. Up here in the “Cherry Capital of the World” near Traverse City, we saw leaves pushing out over the weekend and the first buds are getting ready to burst. The same is true in Southwest Michigan.

Even better news is that despite a little flirting with the 30s expected for the coming weekend, we aren’t likely to see full-on frost in 2013. This is a welcome change from 2012 when Michigan saw near total losses across a broad range of fruit crops due to our “summer in March.”

Check David’s photo out background bigtacular and see more in his Spring 2008 in Leelanau slideshow.

More blossoms and also more spring wallpaper on Michigan in Pictures.

One thought on “Cherry Blossom Season all across Michigan

  1. I always think of Evan and his wonderful pictures that he took the year we were up with you.

    Will we ever get back?
    Love x o


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