Memorial Day & Michigan

History of Memorial Day and Michigan

Remember, photo by LindaB.

While the Memorial Day page at the Center for Civil War Research Center lists roles that people from many states had in creating Memorial Day, there’s no doubt that Michiganders had some part in it:

“On the sixteenth of April, 1862, some ladies and a chaplain from Michigan were chatting together at Arlington Heights. They were talking about the horrors of the war and one lady said: ‘How lonely and cheerless the bare graves of the soldiers look.’ Another proposed gathering some flowers and laying them on the graves of the Michigan soldiers that day. They did so, — and the next year they decorated the same graves. The third year [1864] the same chaplain and ladies were in Fredericksburg, and they decorated the soldiers’ graves there. So the beautiful custom grew and spread its influence with its flowers each year.”

What’s more, as detailed on Michigan in Pictures last year, Michigan was the first state to make Decoration Day a state holiday. Here’s hoping that you have a chance to remember and reflect upon those who have given their lives for our nation, and also that few more are called to do the same.

View Linda’s photo at Flickr and see more in her Great Great Grandfather slideshow.

More Memorial Day on Michigan in Pictures.

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