Message in a Bottle from Tashmoo Park

tashmoo park

Tashmoo at the Dock, 1900, photo courtesy

The Daily Mail reports on an almost 100-year-old find:

Selina Pramstaller was 17-years-old and Tillie Esper was 23-years-old when they visited an amusement park on Harsens Island in Michigan alongside the St Clair River in 1915 and decided to commemorate the day with a message in a bottle.

That message- ‘having a good time at Tashmoo’- was found almost 97 years later by diver Dave Leander.

Click through for more on the find and some pictures. You can see more pictures and read something about this once popular amusement park on Harsens Island that closed for good in 1951 at

Check this out background bigtacular (or buy a print) and see many more old photos from Detroit and elsewhere at About the boat, they explain:

The Detroit River excursion steamer SS Tashmoo, a sidewheeler, stopped at Tashmoo Park on the St. Clair Flats on trips between Detroit and Port Huron. A high point in the boat’s eventful 36-year life was the night in 1927 that she broke free of her moorings in a winter storm and headed downriver on her own. Her end came in 1936, when she hit a submerged rock and sank.

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