Along the Trail at Pictured Rocks

Along The Trail

Along the Trail, photo by nasunto

Michigan in Pictures regular Nina Asunto is posting trip reports about her trip at the end of June to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. In Day One: Chapel / Mosquito Trailhead to Chapel Beach she writes about a common June annoyance in the Upper Peninsula that this year proved more that annoying:

We arrived at Chapel Beach campground just before noon and had to put our bug nets on as soon as we got there. The campground consists of six sites, which are in the woods at the top of a bluff above Lake Superior. One of them (#6) is at the edge of the woods, and it is close enough to the beach to benefit from the breeze coming from the lake. This site was already occupied, of course, so we chose site #3, which was further into the woods. Under normal circumstances, this would be a really good campsite, with Chapel Creek running alongside it creating a nice atmosphere. Unfortunately, the exceptionally wet spring had ensured that this typically buggy season far exceeded expectations. The word “brutal” doesn’t quite do it justice – it was a buzzing hell-scape. The only thing to do was to set up camp as quickly as possible and flee to the beach.

Curiously enough, I was also in the UP and stopped at Pictured Rocks that weekend. Without Deep Woods Off, I am pretty sure I would have ended up a bloodless corpse! Click to read more (including her analysis of permethrin vs mosquitos). Follow along as Nina posts the rest of the report on Black Coffee at Sunrise.

Check it out bigger and see more in Nina’s Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore | June 2013 slideshow.

4 thoughts on “Along the Trail at Pictured Rocks

  1. We talked about how gorgeous the falls would be this spring with all the water, but decided that we didn’t want to battle the mosquitoes. Looking forward to a fall trip when the mosquitoes have mostly called it a year!


  2. the narrative that accompanied the beautiful hikes was really nice. I read every post and with pics and narrative I felt almost like I was there. (especially the descriptions of the cold) thanks, debbie


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