Miners Falls in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Wide view of Miners Falls

Wide view of Miners Falls, photo by ChiliFrei64

GoWaterfalling is the go-to place for Michigan waterfalls.  About Miners Falls they write:

Miners Falls is located in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. To reach the Falls, take H58 west from Munising. Take H13 north 3.5 miles towards Miners Castle. There is a dirt road on the right that leads to falls. There is a sign marking the road. The dirt road is less than a mile and leads to a parking area. The walk through the woods to the falls is about 20 minutes. There are stairs at the end. The viewing area is a little frustrating. I do not know if there is an easy way into the gorge.

Little Miners Falls is about a mile downstream but you would have to bushwack to reach it. Chapel Falls, Spray Falls and Sable Falls are also in Pictured Rocks. Wagner Falls, Munising Falls, and others are in nearby Munising.

Be sure to also check out How Miners Falls Got Its Name on Michigan in Pictures and a Panormio/Google map of the area.

Dan writes that he was striving for a view he hadn’t seen of the falls. He got one!! Check this photo out bigger, see more in his Water slideshow and also check out Dan Frei Photography on Facebook.

Many more Michigan waterfalls on Michigan in Pictures!

2 thoughts on “Miners Falls in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

  1. Hi, I love getting your Michigan pictures in the morning. A nice way to start the day. I haven’t received very many lately, how come? Are you on vacation? If so have a good one. Please start me back up. Keep an old lady happy.


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