Northern Lights the next two nights!

Make this the evening of October 2nd & 3rd – I misread the alert!

Aurural Angel

Angel, photo by Shawn Malone/Lake Superior Photo

The latest Space Weather forecast says that S1 (Minor) solar radiation storm conditions are expected tonight and tomorrow night Wednesday & Thursday night due to particle enhancement associated with the 29 Sep coronal mass ejection (CME). They have revised Thursday up from Minor to Moderate too!

That’s good enough reason to check in on Shawn Malone of Lake Superior Photo. Shawn takes amazing pictures of the Northern Lights and all things Upper Peninsula. This summer, her incredible North Country Dreamland video won the Viewers Choice in the 2013 Smithsonian in Motion video contest.

Check this photo out bigger and see more in her Northern Lights Collection on Facebook.

Much (much) more about the aurora borealis on Michigan in Pictures!

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