Mr. Shutdown comes to Michigan

North Bar Overlook by Ken Scott
North Bar Lake … overlook by Ken Scott

A taste of the Shutdown’s impact on Michigan via…

The TC Ticker reports that the federal government shutdown that began at midnight has closed portions of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore:

A park representative said gates will be closed on the park’s campgrounds, bathrooms and popular Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive until the shutdown ends, though visitors may still access the park’s hiking trails and lakeshore(our emphasis)

Sleeping Bear Dunes is one of five national parks in Michigan affected by the shutdown, a move that comes at an unfortunate time for tourism-dependent parks nearing the end of their operating seasons. The Leelanau County attraction, which will operate with a skeleton crew of emergency-only personnel until the shutdown has ceased, normally averages 2,300 visitors a day during the fall season, according to park reports.

The Freep reports that a similar scenario will unfold at other Michigan National Parks with Isle Royale & River Raisin Battlefield Park closing early for the season. Let me stress that you can still enjoy the majority of our parks and trails. In other Michigan-specific news, about 900 Michigan National Guard members are bracing for a furlough notice and training for another 12,000 will be put on hold. More details on the shutdown’s impact on Michigan at mLive.

Check Ken’s photo – taken at a location that will be inaccessible – out bigger and see more in his massive Panoramas slideshow.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Shutdown comes to Michigan

  1. the wildlife will have a heyday! ((no bathrooms; hope the outdoor privies open! ) maybe we can sneak a walk along the beach anyways & be adult about using the park in a decent way ….


  2. You can still enter the parks for the most part (not sure about River Raisin) but any locations that have a lot of staffing or infrastructure will probably be closed. Sounds like camping too but best to check with the National Park you are planning on visiting.


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