What’s ahead for 2014?


Unknown, photo by Mike Lanzetta

Probably my favorite thing about the New Year is the sense that anything and everything is possible. For myself, I’m happy to close the door on 2013 which has been a tougher than usual year and looking forward to new opportunities in 2014.

I hope that whatever you’re feeling about the year that’s gone that the year to come brings you everything you hope for and some wonderful surprises that you weren’t expecting. Happy New Year everyone!

View Mike’s photo bigger and see more in his train slideshow.

PS: Thanks everyone for the great comments and kind words yesterday!

6 thoughts on “What’s ahead for 2014?

  1. Ah yes….2013 has brought many challenges for me as well…but looking ahead positively for a better year. Sometimes it is better to experience some downs…so the ups can be much sweeter. Life would be boring if we did not have challenges to overcome. However, losing a loved one is a challenge that continues on for a life time…Happy New Year…and hope for a better year for you and me!!!


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