Great Lakes approaching record ice cover

Leland & Lake Michigan by Elijah Allen

Drone over Leelanau (at Leland), photo by Elijah Allen

Mark Torregrossa writes at mLive that the Great Lakes are nearly 90% ice-covered:

The total ice cover on the Great Lakes continued to increase in the past seven days. At the rate the ice is growing, ice cover would reach record levels sometime next week.

We also had a mostly clear day Tuesday February 11, 2014. The high resolution satellite was able to generate some fascinating images.

The total ice cover on the entire Great Lakes system is reported at 87.3 percent today, according to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory(GLERL). The ice cover is up from 77 percent covered seven days ago.

The highest recorded total ice cover on the Great Lakes is 94.7 percent back on February 19, 1979. It should be emphasized that the most modern data set only goes back to 1973.

So the entire Great Lakes system has gone from 77 percent ice covered last week to 87 percent ice covered today. At that rate of increase, the Great Lakes would set a new modern day record for ice cover sometime next week.

Click through to mLive for a Lake by Lake report on ice cover and some sweet satellite shots.

My friend Elijah has been having entirely too much fun in and above the snow this winter. Lately he’s been flying a drone above the Leelanau Peninsula to see what he can see. View his photo bigger and (if you can) see more in his Drone over Leelanau Facebook gallery.

More aerial photography on Michigan in Pictures!

8 thoughts on “Great Lakes approaching record ice cover

  1. Yes, it’s been damn cold this winter, I hate working outside in it and having to battle the snow. Looking forward to retirement in a few years.



  2. Reblogged this on The Three R's Blog and commented:
    Good Friday morning and Happy Valentines Day! Usually by the middle of February the Winter season is beginning to abate. But you wouldn’t know it from the last weeks, as it has remained bitter cold, and yes, continued to snow. Yesterday we have a glimpse of things to come as we reached 30 degrees, but this weekend is again forecasted to be cold (low 20s).
    One of the results of this extremely cold winter is the far-reaching ice on the Great Lakes, including Lake Michigan. In fact, my wife and I have not even made a trip out to the lake this winter as we usually do, because with the lake frozen so far out, we don’t have the normal mounds and caves formed by the crashing waves near the shore. The “Michigan in Pictures” blog featured this yesterday, and is why I reblog it here.
    But soon this long winter will be over and Spring will arrive. Warmer days will begin and the normal signs of Spring will be seen. Why am I so confident of this? Because God is faithful to His word and promise. I am trusting Him to bring us a much-welcomed Spring. :) -cjt


  3. Happy Valentines Day Beautiful Betty!! You are so often on my mind. I truly think of you many times during the week! And I pray for you my dearest friend! You have the heart of Jesus and I am blessed that you are close to me in my life!! You are pure and good and kind and gentle. A REAL Valentine! Love Judy Ann


  4. Hello Elizabeth, I have lived in Michigan for 78 years and this is the worst winter i can remember. Feel like i have been in hibernation for the last two months and just go almost nowhere except out for needed food supplies. And, to make matters worse my PC died two weeks ago and it took my PC Doctor 2 weeks and $265 to bring it back to life! Take care, and God bless you and all your loved one’s today and forever!!! richard in iceland… P.S. Have not even had lunch or dinner out with Dave, for last two months… just too cold and/or too much snow or ice…


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